Yes, it is hot out, but is it the hottest it's ever been?

Everyone these days seems to be talking about the heat down south and I recently asked myself, what's the highest temperature recorded here in Lafayette?

Well, after a quick Google search, I found that in 1901 the temperature in Lafayette hit 107 degrees.

In the year 2000, a heat wave must have swept across much of the northern parts of the state because a number of cities in central Louisiana set record temps that year.

For example, in 2000 Bunkie set the record for 107 degrees, and in Leesville, the temperature hit 109 degrees.

For the city of New Orleans, the record temperature there is 105 degrees set back in 2004.

If you're wondering which cities hit the highest recorded temperature in Louisiana it would be Abbeville, Belle Chase, and Minden when they all hit the 112-degree mark.

To read more on record temperatures in Louisiana, visit Plantmaps.


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