Next week many of us will no doubt be cooking a turkey for Thanksgiving. But it is south Louisiana and instead of baking that gobbler, a lot of us will fry him up.

It takes a good bit of cooking oil to do a turkey right. Instead of just dumping all that old grease this year, why don't you consider recycling it?

Yeah, I had no idea this was possible either!

Whole Foods Market on Ambassador Caffery Parkway in Lafayette has partnered with other local companies to recycle cooking oils used for frying turkeys.

According to reps from Whole Foods, the cooking oil drive will produce eco-friendly biodiesel fuel, help reduce emissions, and keep oil and grease out of the drains.

Those interested in dropping off their old cooking oil can do so at Whole Foods from 8am to 10pm starting Friday, November 27 through Friday, December 4.

The oil should be fully cooled prior to handling and it is recommended you use a funnel to pour oil back into the original or other sealed container before drop-off.

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