Red Snapper season is officially on. You're probably checking your calendar and wondering out loud if this information is accurate. Traditionally the red snapper season doesn't begin until June. That has changed thanks to some new rules your Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries has implemented for 2016.

In addition to the season starting in January anglers now have more ocean for fishing. The limits for  snapper harvesting have been extended from three miles offshore to nine miles offshore. This makes Louisiana laws reflect the same statutes that Texas and Florida have for their snapper fishermen.

Got it in the Omnibus Bill and it gives the three middle states, fishery management authority out nine nautical miles for reef fish. Now, it expires in a year but it’s a start.

That's what Assistant Secretary for LDWF Randy Pausina told the Louisiana Radio Network when asked about how the extended limits came into being.

Pausina also explained how the season was able to start in January instead of June.

We asked the anglers to support the department through a legislative action and they did that. And what we promised them in return was we’re going to give them more days to fish and with that real time data we were able to do that.

That information that was gathered from local fishermen indicated that starting the season in January would not have a negative effect on the snapper population. It's a great example of citizens working with a government agency to make things better for nature and for mankind.

Here's a few reminders before you plan that fishing trip. Make sure you have the proper license. You can now apply for and secure a new license online at the LDWF website. It's also a good idea to double check the offshore conditions and make sure your trip will be spent throwing a line over the side of the boat and not throwing up over the side of the boat.