A utility company that serves many across Louisiana is offering up some very good news this holiday season. Entergy has announced there will be refunds headed to many customers with their January bills.  That's certainly good news at a time of the year when money gets tight and temperatures fall.

According to company spokesman Mike Burns the average Entergy customer can expect to see a refund of $40. Obviously, some will receive a higher amount, others not quite to the $40 mark.

Most Entergy Louisiana customers will be sharing a one time refund of more than $70 million and a $9.4 million ongoing rate decrease.

Burns, who is the Louisiana spokesman for the utility, made those comments to the Louisiana Radio Network. 

If you're wondering how the company arrived at the average of $40 per customer figure, here's how Burns explained the math. He says the arithmetic is based on kilowatt usage hours.

A one time refund of $37.73 on their January bill and a monthly rate reduction of about 43 cents.

The refund was announced late Wednesday after the state's Public Service Commission approved the proposal that the company had made regarding the replacement of steam generators at the Waterford 3 nuclear plant in St. Charles Parish.

Burns noted that this refund was for most of the utility's customers but not all customers will receive the refund and rate reduction.


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