It has been 12 years since the sky-scraping, twin towers were horrendously taken down right before our eyes.  We all remember where we were at the time of the terrorist attack, and I know I will never forget September 11, 2001 as long as I live. It is important to remember 9/11 and appreciate how strong of a country we live in. 

Today in New York City at Ground Zero, tributes will be made to all of those who lost their precious lives on the infamous day.  Victim's loved ones and even complete strangers will gather around the two-year old memorial and recite nearly 3,000 names of people who died on this day, 12 years ago.

A decision was made last year that no politician should make a speech or say anything during the 9/11 tributes at ground zero.  The tributes are solely to remember and honor all of the victims.  Name-reading, wreath-laying, and other tributes will unfold at the Pentagon and Flight 93 National Memorial.

As you go about your usual day today, take some time to have a moment of peace to remember the 9/11 victims.  This day will always live in infamy, and remember no matter how chaotic our country can be over politics, economics, etc., we live in a strong nation that will prevail.


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