I first became aware of Richard Dawson by watching Hogan's Heroes on TV. He played Corporal Newkirk and as far as I could tell his job was to be the company thief. He also had a pretty long run on Match Game as one of the panelist. He was always there with Brett Sommers and Charles Nelson Reilly. I guess it was Match Game that was his springboard to Family Feud where he became famous for kissing all the girls.He got so famous for kissing the girls Saturday Night Live did a rather impressive parody of his actions on the show.

One thing you probably didn't know about Richard Dawson was this, he was a singer. He was kind of a singer I should say. His signature song was kind of a singing, kind of a talking piece and all around uncomfortably bad. This hip 1960's psychedelic recording of Apples and Oranges. After you listen to this, you will never think about the late Richard Dawson the same way again.

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