The Lafayette City-Parish Council held it's regular Tuesday meeting last night. In addition to the kind of business you'd expect a government body such as this one to discuss, debate, and decide, was another resolution was also considered. That resolution had to do with a program scheduled for Lafayette's Public Library in October.

That program is called Drag Queen Story Time. It was presented to the library as a community outreach idea by a fraternity on campus at U.L. To say this is the most talked about story time ever proposed in the history of Lafayette would be an understatement.

At last night's City-Parish Council meeting a resolution was introduced that would oppose Drag Queen Story Time. You can see how your council representative voted in the video below.

The resolution failed to pass. There three council members who voted in support of the resolution, the other six chose to abstain. The council members who voted to support the resolution to oppose were William Theriot, Jared Bellard, and Nanette Cook.  Those choosing to abstain were Kevin Naquin, Pat Lewis, Kenneth Boudreaux, Jay Castille, Liz Webb-Hebert, and Bruce Conque.

The Drag Queen Story Time is scheduled for October 6th at the Lafayette Public Library's Main Branch in downtown Lafayette.

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