You won't be surprised to hear this but in recent weeks there has been a lot of interest in the Powerball multi-state lottery game. That's because the big money lottery game has not had a major jackpot winner since June 5th of this year. By my count, that means there have been 35 different Powerball game drawings since that last big win.

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Not getting a big-money winner is how you get your lottery jackpot to grow and grow it has. Last night, September 29, 2021, when the ping pong balls dropped for the 9:59 drawing the estimated jackpot was $580.8 million dollars.

Earlier in the day game officials adjusted their estimate for how much the payoff would be in the game by some $40 million dollars. That should give you an idea of how many people have suddenly decided to participate in Powerball.

The numbers drawn for last night's game were:

02   07   11   17   32   Powerball 11  Powerplay x3

If you're wondering if the ticket you're holding was a jackpot winner I can tell you the answer to that question is no. No single ticket matched all the necessary numbers to claim the Powerball top prize of almost $581 million bucks. That doesn't mean the game didn't produce some big payouts.

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Powerball players in Michigan, Ohio, and Oklahoma were reported to have purchased tickets that matched all five of the white ball numbers and had opted-in on the Powerplay option. Those tickets are worth $2 million this morning.

Powerball players in California, Florida, Indiana, New York, and Wyoming purchased tickets that matched all five of the white ball numbers but did not opt-in for the Powerplay, those tickets are worth $1 million dollars.

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The biggest winner in Louisiana was a $50,000 winner that was reportedly sold in Bossier City. That ticket was purchased at Raceway #714 on East Texas Street. That ticket matched four of the five white-ball numbers and the Powerball.

Powerball officials are estimating that when the next drawing for the game is held on Saturday night the game's top prize will have grown to $620 million but I would not be surprised if that number gets bumped upward as more and more people develop lottery fever over the next day or so.

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Incidentally, if you did play Powerball in Louisiana last night, according to the Louisiana Lottery Big Wins page there are a lot of tickets worth a lot of money. By our tally, there are at least 31 tickets worth $300 bucks this morning and another 43 tickets that are worth $100. So, it would be a good idea to double-check your numbers before your toss your ticket.

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