Necessity is the Mother of Invention. We've all heard that saying as long as we've been alive. Basically, it means things don't get invented until someone discovers a need for them. Such was the case yesterday along the New Orleans' uptown parade route.

As you can see residents were being rather resourceful in navigating the raging waters of a major puddle along the streetcar tracks. The trashbag solution was good for one person but what about those with no bags? How about a little M.G.E. Mardi Gras Engineering?

As you can see the backlog of beads that will probably wind up in a storm drain anyway were put to good use in a very non-traditional manner. I am sure your next question is, "did it work"?

I would say it did. There were no wet feet and no spilled beverages. We salute you Mr. and Mrs. Mardi Gras Bead Bridge Builders, truly not the heroes we wanted but most certainly the heroes we needed.

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