Lafayette Mayor-President Joel Robideaux and some members of the Lafayette City-Parish Council are contemplating moving some money around within the coffers of city-parish government. While some might say this seems like "robbing Peter to pay Paul" others do see the merit of at least exploring the idea.

What is the idea?

To rededicate tax money from the Lafayette Parish Library to help pay for road and drainage projects throughout the city and parish. Based on reports Mr. Robideaux's administration has reviewed city-parish government departments and found that the library has a larger surplus of funds than Robideaux believes are needed.

Robideaux will reportedly ask the city-parish council to review and approve a rededication of $18 million of the library's $26 million surplus budget. Should the council go along with the plan that would put the issue on the ballot for the May election.

If you're wondering where this maneuver would leave the library the answer is this. Based on calculations it would leave the library with an $8 million surplus in the budget.

Meanwhile, Teresa Elberson, Director of the Library, released this statement to KLFY TV 10.

We are still crunching figures. With a loss of $3.2 million from the failed mileage that will impact next year's budget, we were counting on having adequate fund balance to use, which is now at risk.

When asked by TV 10 if the plan had anything to do with his opposition to Drag Queen Storytime Robideaux responded that his administration had been considering the tax rededication proposal for some time. The decision to bring it before the council had nothing to do with the Drag Queen Storytime issue at all.

The council is expected to take up the issue in next Tuesday's regularly scheduled meeting.



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