11:09 a.m.: KATC General Manger Andrew Shenkan told The Daily Advertiser that the bomb threat call came in at 5:31 a.m. from an unidentified male who "sounded incoherent and was spewing expletives."

Shenkan said the call was taken by a morning show producer who immediately called police.

"He called the main newsroom line and told our producer he had placed multiple devices around the park and UL," Shenkan said. "He was using expletives and made other defamatory statements. So our producer immediately reached out to law enforcement."

Shenkan said the call was not the typical kind of bomb threat call that could have been taken as a prank, and the station was taking the incident very seriously.

"We are extremely concerned about the safety of our community and the students at UL and the residents near the park," Shenkan added.

According to Shenkan, Lafayette law enforcement officers are also in the process of retrieving data from KATC's phone records in hopes of finding the suspect or information that could lead police to him.

Shenkan said the caller also sounded incoherent, possibly drunk, when he called the morning show producer.

He said KATC news crews are currently on the scene with other news media. He said KATC has not been told what the devices are at this point.

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