New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan has proven to be a man of the people. Hours after the Saints defeated the Atlanta Falcons Sunday, Ryan waltzed into Ms. Mae's, an Uptown New Orleans dive bar that's open 24 hours.

As someone who has spent some evenings (and a few early mornings) at Ms. Mae's, I can tell you that is the epitome of a dive bar, New Orleans style.

According to, Ryan walked into Ms. Mae's to roaring applause, laid down a $100 bill, told the bartender to buy everyone a round and keep the change. Like I said, a "man of the people".

Jason Matherne, a bartender at Ms. Mae's, spoke of Ryan as if he's frequented the Uptown bar on more than one occasion.


 “We think it’s pretty cool that he’s so down to Earth.  He comes in and gets Rolling Rock," Matherne said. "He doesn’t drink anything fancy.  He drinks the cheapest beer we have,” said Matherne.

Hopefully, we can keep the wins coming and drinks flowing.

Revitalizing a defense and winning will obviously endear you to a fanbase. But buying a round at a local bar will endear you so much more. Things like this will make fans like Jeaux Sportsbreaux, who wrote an open letter to Rob Ryan last week, bask in appreciation and approval.

Don't change Rob. Don't ever change.

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