Losing in the last few minutes hurts. It takes days, sometimes weeks, to overcome the sudden shock. The New Orleans Saints didn't expect to lose like this.

Oakland came into the Superdome expecting a shootout, and Drew Brees gave them everything they anticipated and then some.

Brees threw for 424 yards and four touchdowns, days after signing a big contract with New Orleans. He delivered on his paycheck, but the win got stolen from under his feet. The Raiders put everything on the table, and they walked away with everything.

Trailing 34-33, Oakland decided to go for two points instead of kicking the extra point, with seconds left on the clock. Derek Carr found his man, and the Saints suffered the loss. It didn't take long, but it will take much longer for the fans to get over.

The bold move erased a fine performance from the men in black and gold. Victory dangled in front of their face, but the prize got snatched away, with the Raiders winning 35-34.

Brandin Cooks was the man of the day, aside from Brees, collecting 154 total yards and two TD's. Cooks also registered the longest TD in franchise history, hauling in a 98-yard bomb from Brees after leaving his defender in the dust.

Willie Snead also showed out with 173 yards and a TD, but the stats don't erase the pain of a season opening loss.

The Saints had more than 500 yards on offense, but they couldn't come away with the victory. It's a brutal loss this early in the season.

Wil Lutz had an incredible debut as a Saint. The former Georgia State kicker hit two field goals before attempting the game winner.

Brees battled to get the Saints close, and with seconds remaining on the clock, he had the leg from 60+ yards, but not the accuracy. So close.

New Orleans missed a win by inches to start their season, but there were promising flashes. Don't get too down, Who Dat Nation. There's a lot of football left.