You often hear football broadcasters talking about the "small window" the quarterback had to put the ball through in order for the receiver to catch it. For most of us, the term "window" is just a figure of speech. For the New Orleans Saints quarterbacks, including Drew Brees, they take that window talk very literally.

Personally, I'd be satisfied if I could just make contact with the window frame, much less actually throw the ball through the opening in the window. That is one of the many reasons no NFL teams have contacted me about becoming a quarterback in the league.

All in all, I am very impressed with the signal callers in camp for the Black and Gold this year. Let's hope we never have to see how good of a backup we have for Drew Brees but the bottom line is the potential for injury is always there in this league. Now, if we could only get the defensive backs to carry replacement windows around with them during the game then we'll really have some great chances to win.

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