How many of you can remember the year 1973? Yeah, it's been a while since then but strangely enough, that's the last time the residents of the city of Breaux Bridge were asked to approve an increase in the town's sales tax. That will likely change August 13th the Breaux Bridge.

You don't have to be an astute economist to know that the cost of doing business has increased greatly over the past 46 years. That's why the Breaux Bridge City Council is expected to debate a measure that would ask the city's residents to raise the sales tax from one cent, the current rate, to two cents.

As you might imagine some residents aren't happy with the proposed increase. Yet others see the opportunity to add almost $2.7 million dollars to the town's coffers as a way to rebuild and repair infrastructure, improve drainage, and fund other projects that have been passed over because of a lack of funds.

Members of the city council in Breaux Bridge are welcoming your input on the proposal. There will no doubt be plenty of public discussions ahead of and during the August 13th meeting when the proposal is expected to be introduced as well.

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