What's more exciting for a kid than seeing Santa? Seeing Santa and the lit-up Coca-Cola truck!

Lafayette Coca-Cola's trucks have been running around Acadiana for years delivering their delicious beverages to stores all around. But this time of year is special - it's when Santa hops a ride in the big rig!

You've seen the photos of the lit-up Coke truck, but have you heard it? It's decked out with thousands of lights and a really thumping sound system.

If you don't see it coming, you'll hear it.

submitted photo

We probably won't have the snow with the truck (as seen in the photo above), but we'll have a similar truck - all lit up like this one.

The big truck and the "Big Guy" are making stops all around Acadiana to let families have their pictures made.

The local Macaroni Kid Facebook page is a great resource for families to keep up with family-friendly events coming to Acadiana.

According to the schedule listed on its page, Macaroni Kid says that Santa and his Coke truck will be visiting several retail establishments, including

  • Nunu's
  • Stine
  • Super 1
  • Piggly Wiggly
  • Delcambre Fuel Depot
  • Rouse's
  • Teet's
  • Raintree Market
  • Champagne's
  • Bourque's
  • Rod's Thrifty Mart

And many others.

Click the link to see the location nearest you and round up the family for a fun afternoon of hanging out with Santa.

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