With mere days until Christmas, there is no doubt that Santa Claus and his elves at the North Pole are feverishly working night and day to get all the toys built and ready to be delivered to good boys and girls across the globe.

Through wonderful holiday films like Elf, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, The Santa Clause and more, we've all seen what Santa's workshop looks like.

However, have you ever seen what Jolly Ole St. Nick's humble abode looks like? I hadn't...up until today.

Not only can we see what Santa's living quarters look like, but we can also see his accompanying Elf Village. It's all available for viewing online at Zillow. (You know, the real estate site.)

That means it's for sale, right? Well, sadly, the property is "Off Market." But even though we can't buy it, we can take a look at the pretty sweet setup.

First, Santa's living quarters. Here is the description in Zillow:

The home, constructed in the 1800s, is steeped in Old World charm but thanks to a recent renovation, offers modern-day amenities.

Find a floor-to-ceiling river rock fireplace for roasting chestnuts in the living room. The gourmet kitchen is a baker’s dream, boasting an oven with 12 different cookie settings. Cookies are served directly from oven to table in the adjoining dining room, along with cocoa on tap.

Boughs of holly deck the hall leading to the primary bedroom and two charming guest rooms. Tiptoe to Santa’s quiet study where an impressive writing desk is flanked by the same sewing table he used to make the original Teddy bear.

It indeed is quite nice. Just take a look at the pictures.

The property also features living quarters for his helpful elves. They enjoy their own on-site private accommodations. Of course, just like snowflakes, no two elves are alike, so neither are their homes.

Check out the three little houses on Santa's property that are for his elves: Tiny Farmhouse, Rustic Mini Cabin, and Petite Bamboo Bungalow.

Some other interesting facts and features about Santa's North Pole property are listed below:

Lot: 25 acres
Home type: Single family
Floor size: 2,500 sqft
Year built: 1822
Last remodel: 2013

Multiple 150 sqft Cottages
Santa's Toy Workshop
Reindeer Stables
Sleigh Parking Garage

How much would Santa's North Pole property set you back if it actually were for sale? According to the "Zestimate" on Zillow, it would list for $1,154,137.

I think that's a steal!

But we don't steal from Santa. He'll put us on the naughty list and we can't have that.

To view the Zillow listing of Santa's home, click here.

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