When you stop in at even one of our most luxurious convenience stores in South Louisiana what kind of items do you think you'll find for sale? Sure, there are snacks, drinks, smokes, maybe automotive supplies or magazines. How many of you thought to yourself when you read the question "dang, I always pull in to get gas and a great deal on gold jewelry".

I am pretty sure even the numbest of the skulls reading this never had that thought. Still, several people in South Louisiana have reported to authorities that they have been scammed by a person who sold them a gold chain at a gas station.

The latest reports of this scam come for the Lake Charles area. Police there say individuals have approached people at gas stations, casino parking lots, or other public areas offering to sell them a gold chain cheap. The scammer says they have to sell the jewelry because they need gas money or money to get home or they ran out of cash to play in the casino.

The jewelry pieces look fine to the untrained eye. Many of them are even stamped 14kt gold. However, upon further review, the jewelry is simply junk. You could find better jewelry in a claw grabber machine at the bowling alley.

So far most of the victims have been taken for $100 to $500 bucks. Law enforcement officials don't want you to be the next victim. That's why they've asked us to spread the word and let the buyer beware. Also, don't buy gold at a gas station, really, just don't do it.

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