Ladies and gentlemen, I'm here to tell you that Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns head coach Billy Napier is a straight savage.

Last night, the Ragin' Cajuns faced Ohio at Cajun Field and the game was broadcast on ESPN. The Cajuns walked away with a 49-14 victory in front of their home crowd at Cajun Field, but the game wasn't always such a blowout.

Going into halftime, the Cajuns were only up by a touchdown and it felt like Ohio was beginning to gain some momentum after Louisiana got a quick start. The Ragin' Cajuns found themselves on the Ohio goal line in a 4th down situation with only seconds to go before the half.

Kick the field goal, right?

Wrong. Instead of putting up a chip shot for 3 points to go into the half (Cajuns were also set to get the ball back after halftime), Billy Napier opted to go all or nothing and Louisiana punched it in for the touchdown as time expired at the half.

While the TD was definitely impressive, the viral moment came just a few minutes after the score when an ESPN sideline reporter caught up with Napier on his way into the locker room to ask him about the gutsy 4th down call. His response was instant internet GOLD.

Napier's "scared money don't make money" reply lit up Twitter with the quickness as people scrambled to find video of the "did he just say that" moment.

For those who don't know, "scared money" is street slang for someone who doesn't take risks. So "scared money don't make money" means exactly what it sounds like. Napier knew that field goal was the safe bet, but also knew he could crush the energy that Ohio was starting to build by putting up a touchdown going into the half and having HIS team ride the wave coming into the third quarter.

The Cajuns cashed in on the momentum and got the big win on national television while Coach Napier continues to win on social media. Did he just create a new battle cry for the Ragin' Cajuns? Based on these Twitter reactions, I would say he absolutely did.

I guess we'll have to wait and see how long it takes to see "scared money don't make money" pop up on a t-shirt in Lafayette.

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