From Katc :

A Scott man is in jail, accused of riding a horse into Cowboy's Saloon and "roping" a man in the parking lot.

Scott Police say just after midnight they found a very intoxicated Jeremy Mouton at the bar. They say he first unloaded his horse into the parking lot, rode the animal into the bar twice, and then "roped" a 47-year-old man using a lasso. Mouton then allegedly continued to drag the man throughout the parking lot from the horse.

Police say Mouton returned the horse to his parent's residence on Renaud Drive and returned to the bar on foot. Mouton was allegedly located by officers shortly after the incident as he was attempting to hide behind newly manufactured trailers.


Once in police custody, Mouton allegedly threatened to retaliate against off-duty officers.


LA. R.S. 14:103 (3) Disturbing the Peace
LA. R.S. 14:63.1 Remaining after being forbidden.
LA. R.S. 14:34.1 Second Degree Battery
LA. R.S. 14:122 Public Intimidation and Retaliation.


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