Valentine's Day is less than a month away and lovers of love are looking for a very special couple in our state. Louisiana's Family Forum is again searching for the longest married couple in the state. The project is design to showcase the bond that forms when a couple is truly committed to their marriage.

Gene Mills is President of Louisiana Family Forum and he tells the Louisiana Radio Network, 

These jewels from Louisiana who emerge on the other side of 70 or even 80 years of marriage, I have to tell you the conversation is rich and so are the families that are involved.

Last year's honorees, Lawrence and Varrie Player of Benton, were recognized for their 80 years of marriage. Mills says talking to couples like the Player's is like having a history lesson come to life. 

What flows from their lips is not only jewels to be echoed and celebrated but it’s wisdom for the next generation and that’s what we try to capture.

If you know of a couple that has been married for at least 70 years and resides in the state of Louisiana the Louisiana Family Forum would like to know about them. To be a part of this promotion you will need to contact LFF by February 5th. More information about Louisiana's Longest Married Couple can be found at the LFF website.

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