Just when you think the world can't get any sicker comes a story like this. There have been two cases reported over the weekend where someone has embedded razor blades on the underside of shopping cart handles. 

Both of these incidents were reported at a Walmart store in suburban St. Louis Missouri and in one case a shopper was nicked by the blade when she grabbed the handle of the cart.

Authorities say similar cases have been reported around the country but the fact that these two incidents occurred within days of each other in the same geographical area brings an extra reason to be concerned.

Law enforcement officials do not believe the blades were placed in the cart handles with the intent to injure. They speculate that the blades were placed there by shoplifters who might use them to cut price tags or open containers.

Regardless of the reason, the fact that a shopper or a child placed in the basket could be severely injured is raising great concern across the country. Walmart officials say in both of the St. Louis cases they are reviewing surveillance video and cooperating with the police investigation to bring the case to a lawful conclusion.

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