This Summer, Broussard will be opening their brand new sports complex, St. Julien Park. From the looks of this latest video showing an aerial view of the complex, it looks pretty incredible.

Set to open July 4th, St Julien Park is a state-of-the-art $27 million dollar park according to It's located at 701 St. Nazaire Road, about a mile from Walmart. This bad boy is gigantic too. The city originally purchased 137 acres for the mammoth complex that will offer numerous sports and activities.

From Debbie Ray at KTDY -

Some of the actual things you will find at the new park are:

  1. Soccer Fields (not shown on aerial)
  2. Soccer Field Concession Area
  3. Basketball Courts
  4. Volleyball
  5. Tennis Courts
  6. Recreational Facility
  7. Outdoor Amphitheater
  8. Baseball/Softball Fields
  9. Baseball/Softball Practice Fields
  10. Batting Cages
  11. Baseball/Softball Concession Area
  12. Walking/Jogging Trails
  13. Splash pad
  14. Playground 
  15. Man-made lakes

Check out the videos below, and we'll keep posted on the progress.



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