I grew up in a household where reading was a very important activity. As a young kid, I read the local newspaper every day, except on Sundays and Mondays, that's because the Starkville Daily News didn't work on weekends so there was no paper for those days.

The highlight of my time with the newspaper was when I'd get to spread things out on the floor and read the comics. That used to be a thing before the internet came along and put some of those beloved characters online and the newspaper business in the toilet.

That got me to thinking about my favorite comic strips.

I am a fan of Calvin and Hobbes, The Farside, Beetle Bailey, The Family Circus, and much to my embarrassment, Nancy. I don't know why keeping up with Nancy and Sluggo was so important but I read that strip every day. I do know that the artist behind Nancy, Ernie Bushmiller, was a really big fan of country music. Maybe that's why I liked that strip so much.

But as far as our favorite comic strips as a whole, Listverse tends to agree with me. Their top two strips from the world of syndicated comics are Calvin and Hobbes followed by The Farside. We disagree at number three, they have the strip Pogo listed there. I never really cared for Pogo. I don't know why.

Peanuts is on the Listverse list at number four. It's hard to argue with that choice. At number five and six respectively are two satirical almost editorial kinds of comics with Doonesbury and Opus checking in there.

Rounding out the Top Ten are Lil' Abner, Garfield, and Liberty Meadows, which I was today years old when I heard about, and Krazy Kat. I guess brillo headed Nancy and her pug-faced looking boyfriend Sluggo didn't make the cut. Somehow I think ol' Nance is used to being left out.

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