Two weeks after an armed man with a history of mental illness open fire in Lafayette theater Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy along with a colleague are introducing legislation that would reform the very sad state of mental health care in this country. Mr. Cassidy, a Louisiana Republican and Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy, a Democrat, have introduced legislation that would make mental health care more attainable for most Americans.

Cassidy spoke with the Louisiana Radio Network and explained what he hopes this legislation will accomplish.

So what the legislation tries to do is identify those at risk for having a serious or major mental illness episode before it happens or begin treatment right after it happens.

The Senator said he had spoken to members of the law enforcement community and based on those conversations he is of the opinion that making mental health care affordable and attainable would serve not only the individual but the community as a whole.

Some of these folks, if [they] just could take medication being given, would not be criminals, would not be locked up, would not be taking public resources, but would be functioning members of society.

In many cases those who have committed crimes or violent acts have sought care only to find it is priced out of their reach. Therefore they are not treated. Cassidy suggested by his comments that the ability to get treatment and the ability to afford the proper treatment could possibly prevent violent outburst in which innocent lives are lost.