Juveniles from Church Point, Rayne, and Crowley have been arrested and indicted following shootings that have recently happened in Church Point.

According to a press release from Church Point Police Chief Dale Thibodeaux, his office has been working with the 15th Judicial District Attorney's Office to bring about these indictments and to book these juveniles into the Acadia Parish Jail as adults who will also be prosecuted as such. Chief Thibodeaux says they are not releasing any information on the juveniles at this time as the investigations continue.

Chief Thibodeaux released the following statement in the press release:

We will not take any crime lightly in Church Point weather it be Adult or Juvenile crime. We will investigate every shots fired call we get to the best of our ability. I also want the public to know that when threats are made over any social media platform that puts lives in danger or a direct threat towards someone's life and evidence can be obtained to verify the threat we will investigate and prosecute these incidents to the fullest extent of the law. We are here for the safety of the Town of Church Point and ask all citizens if you see something say something please.

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