I've got to hand it to the crew in the KATC Storm Team Three Weather Lab. They had the timing of last night's showers and thunderstorms down to almost the exact minute. Let's hope Rob and Daniel and Dave are on their game again this weekend because there's a looming likelihood that we will need their expertise during the day on Saturday and into Easter Sunday.

The Storm Prediction Center is now indicating a significant severe weather threat for most of East Texas on Saturday. That threat won't loom quite as large until later Saturday and into Sunday for South Louisiana. Don't go by what you see on the map, Mother Nature has a bad habit of coloring well outside our manmade lines. So, any place that's close to the warned areas should be on their toes.

It appears as though South Louisiana's greatest threat from the storms will be in the form of strong gusty winds and some very heavy downpours. There is a slight risk for tornadoes to develop in some the stronger storms too, so watches or even warnings might be necessary late Saturday into midday on Sunday.



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