Fans of the NFL know Shannon Sharpe as an incredible playmaker. During his time with Denver and with Baltimore, his presence on the field was a force to be reckoned with. Sharpe was so good on the field that he was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame back in 2011. Funny, it doesn't seem like he played that long ago, but I guess he did.

Fans of Shannon Sharpe can still keep up with him on his daily television show Skip and Shannon: Undisputed. On that show, Sharpe matches wits and debates sporting issues with co-host Skip Bayless. Many times the two guys have some of the most spirited sports debates in sports media. But you can tell they have mutual respect for each other.

However, if I was Skip Bayless,  I would be paying more attention to what my learned co-host is saying when it comes to the NFL. Why would I say that? Well, did you happen to hear Shannon Sharpe's prediction for the Tampa Bay versus Los Angeles Rams playoff game over the weekend?

Did you hear what the man said? He said, high scoring, Rams win, walk-off field goal, that's what he said oh and the score? He nailed it, 30 to 27 was the final.  If you didn't see the game's end. Here's how that unfolded.

Needless to say after Sunday's outcome, accurately predicted by Shannon Sharpe, social media was a buzz. Many fans reached out to Shannon for some other advice.

Others were just simply blown away at how uncanny and accurate Sharpe's assessment of the Rams/Bucs game would play out.


Meanwhile, Sharpe's co-host Skip Bayless seems to be caught in some kind of Dallas Cowboys Vortex of Sorrow. Which, by the way, would make an excellent name for a new cocktail to be served at AT&T Stadium during Cowboys games.

Regardless, you can catch Shannon and Skip on Fox Sports with their show Undisputed. It's a lively dose of unique sports talk and hot takes and of course, a liberal amount of Dallas Cowboys propaganda pushed by Bayless. But it's still worth a look. Especially if Shannon Sharpe is going to give out lottery numbers.

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