It's just about summertime, and that means outdoor fun in the sun. Boaters and swimmers, keep a sharp eye out if you're planning on spending some time in Lake Pontchartrain, because the first shark sighting of the season has been reported.

Covington resident Bo McCool spotted, and caught a five-foot bull shark this past weekend while fishing in Lake Pontchartrain. Bo also has the best last name I've ever heard.

McCool tells "Something moved to my left and I looked over there and I heard something and looked down and there's this bull shark at my feet so I picked my feet up and screamed like a little girl".

A five-foot shark isn't anything I want to tangle with. Sure, he's five-foot now, but before we know it he's big enough to eat a cruise ship! OK, that's a bit of a stretch, but you know what I mean.

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