Working in the accounting field for over 5 years, one of the most frequently asked questions is whether or not a document needs to be notarized or not. The usual answer is that I have no idea, but I can find out.

I am lucky enough to work with two notary publics who I can go to for the answers. However, they aren’t always available, and I am left to figure it out on my own. This is when I turn to Google. There are a number of articles available that list which type of documents typically need to be notarized including documents specifically in Louisiana.

ABCTitle and OneNotary are two websites that offer a great list of documents that you may be required to have notarized. Some of those include:

  • Employment contracts
  • Passport application documents
  • Real estate deeds
  • Mandated provisional custody documents

The MandevilleNotary website offers this information as well as other stipulations regarding the notarization of Louisiana documents.

Of course, before you can get anything notarized, you have to find a notary. How many times I’ve logged on to Facebook and seen the question “Does anyone know of a notary public in my area?” This is where the internet comes to the rescue once again.

If you are a Louisiana resident, the Louisiana Secretary of State website has a database of all registered notary publics in the state. You have the option to search by name, zip code, notary number, or bar roll number. This makes it easy to narrow your search down.

These are just a few websites you should add to your bookmarks. You never know when the hunting trailer or fishing boat will need to be notarized.

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