With the help of Lamar and Evangeline Specialties, the Townsquare Media flags are flying again!

Our flags were down for a while due to weathered/worn ropes on the flagpoles, and they were just a little too high for me to climb to restring myself, so Lamar came to the rescue with their bucket truck! In just a few minutes, they had the flagpoles restrung, and with the flags from Evangeline Specialties, our colors were flying again.

With the recent tragedies around our country and the current political climate, it is very important for us to all remember what binds us. We need to remember what held the country together during WWII. We need to try to imagine what it feels like to veterans when they see it flying in the breeze. As Americans, I think that we need to come together, and it should be under that flag up there.  The middle one. The one that flies higher than the rest, always.

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