A very strong cold front is currently pushing across the midsection of the nation this morning. Parts of the country that are well north of I-10 are feeling temperatures and wind chills that are well below what folks like you and I would consider cold because of it.

That frontal system will impact South Louisiana's weather today. Mainly in the form of soaking showers and gusty cold winds. A quick peek at the National Weather Service Radar out of Lake Charles will show you where the showers and storms are currently located.

Most of the precipitation will move from southwest to northeast before the front moves through. That means the atmosphere over South Louisiana should be nice and saturated with Gulf moisture. That's the perfect recipe for showers and thunderstorms.

The Storm Prediction Center is not calling for severe weather to be a part of this system as it moves through our area. Forecast models seem to suggest that Acadiana's best time for rainfall will happen during the morning hours and then again in the late afternoon and early evening hours. We could get a bit of a break during the middle of the day, at least with the coverage of precipitation across the area.

Behind the front skies should remain mostly cloudy and the wind will pick up from the north. That cold wind, enhanced by falling showers, should keep most of today on the cool side. In fact, today's high temperature might have already been set depending on when you're reading this.

Temperatures should remain above freezing over the next several days. In fact, we are not seeing any forecast lows below 32 degrees anytime within the next ten days.



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