I wanted to update this story for you, being as I have tested a few of these methods over the last couple of months.

For starters, just a refresher that I suffer quite frequently from severe headaches. They can be quite debilitating. So here are the things I have tried that worked for me:

  • I have become slightly obsessed with steaming the headache away. It usually does not matter what kind of headache I have. A hot shower will either take the edge off or cause it to subside completely.
  • Also, soaking your hands and feet in hot water with an ice pack on your neck does work. You will have to stay soaking and sitting for about 10 or 15 minutes. From what I experienced, it helps with your body temperature and calms me down.
  • One last thing that I will always resort to is a massage. My best friend and my sister have both shown their love for me with head massages. Rubbing the back of my neck and my temples works the best. It can also relax the rest of your body.

I hope this inside scoop helps and I hope that you have tried some of these ideas yourself with success. Headache are a pain (no pun intended) and can be difficult to rid.

Is there a headache support group that I missed signing up for?


As someone who knows all too well the effects of a migraine or horrible headache, I know that it can make life pretty stressful. You never know for sure when one will strike and just how bad it will be. What you do know is that once it starts, your day will probably have to stop.

Wavebreakmedia Ltd/ThinkStock
Wavebreakmedia Ltd/ThinkStock

My headaches tend to come at random times and for many reasons. These include:

  • getting extremely hot
  • pollen during the Summer
  • stress or lack of sleep (often not realizing it)
  • loud sounds (every now and then)
  • laying down for too long
  • eating something super greasy
  • back pain
  • looking at the computer or TV for too long

Some of these things are a little strange, but I have become quite used to them. Sinuses tend to be a pretty common trigger amongst headache sufferers as well as stress and lack of sleep. Those who are a part of the migraine club know that the only thing they need to do when one comes on is to start treating it immediately.

The last few times I have had a debilitating headache, taking medicine just didn't seem to do the trick. The researcher in me did some Googling and came across some interesting ideas to try.

  • Try filling the tub or sink with bearably hot water, soak your hand and feet, and put an ice pack or frozen bag of veggies on the back of your neck for 10 to 15 minutes
  • For the headaches brought on my sinuses, take a hot and steamy shower. The steam will open up your sinus cavities and allow for you to breathe better.
    • You can also put your head over a steaming pot of water with a towel over your head for the same effect
  • I try not to lay completely flat in bed because, for some reason, it seems to hurt worse
  • If you carry stress in your neck and shoulders and have a friend or family member who loves you, like a lot, ask them to massage that area to help relieve tension

I have tried a few of these and even if the headache does subside completely, the pain and tension is partially relieved and I can better function. I also take medicine when I first feel the headache/migraine coming on. If you are a fellow sufferer, I surely hope this helps you!



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