The North American Aerospace Defense Command has delighted millions of girls and boys on the 'Nice' list as they track the path that Santa takes across the universe to deliver gifts on Christmas Eve.

The tradition started in 1955 when a young child called the Continental Air Defense Command Operations Center in Colorado Springs to find out where Santa was at that very minute. Evidently, a flyer was up around town that asked youngsters to call so that they could track Santa, but the phone number given out was incorrect. The person on duty that night, Colonel Harry Shoup, not only answered all the calls kindly, but personally instructed all operators to do they same, so as not to disappoint the little ones. And thus, a beloved tradition was born.

When NORAD was formed in 1958, the Christmas Eve tradition was passed on. And every year since, over fifteen hundred volunteers answer phone calls, emails, and texts, from nine million visitors in 200 countries, with live updates on the whereabouts of Santa. And this year, you can keep up on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Over 140,000 calls are answered from anxious young ones who want to get a glimpse on the big guy in the red suit.

I hope you enjoy this true holiday treasure on December 24th with your family. Merry Christmas, y'all!

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