Acadiana's biggest cocktail party, "Classic Country Saturday Night", can be found every Saturday night starting at 6pm right here on The Dawg. Folks tune in from literally all the world to go back in time and enjoy some of the best country music ever recorded. We have certain rules when it comes to what qualifies to played on the show, but lately there have been some amazing new country tunes coming out that would slide right in on the show. Many of these new songs are from artists right here in Acadiana. So, just for fun, here are six new songs I think could be included in "Classic Country Saturday Night".

Aside from these songs below, what are some new songs you've been digging lately that you think could be played on "Classic Country Saturday Night"?

1) Chris Stapleton "Tennessee Whiskey" - This song hasn't been an official single off of Stapleton's "Traveller" but it might as well be. If this song comes up on a jukebox anywhere in Acadiana, you'll instantly see people grab someone to start dancing. Don't believe me? Go to Turtles in Henderson, play this song and watch what happens.


2) Freddie Pate "All Watered Down" -  Mr. Freddie Pate recorded an instant classic country song with this one. The song talks about how the world had become so politically correct, everything is "all watered down" and it's not as good as it used to be. Without a doubt, this song could be played on Saturday night right in between some Hank and Loretta Lynn.


3) Dustin Sonnier "Whiskey Makes Her Miss Me" - This brand new one from Dustin sounds like it's been around 30 years. We all know how much Dustin worships at the altar of the all time country music greats, and this song is a living testament to prove he means it when he says "It's called Country music, look it up".


4) William Michael Morgan "Cheap Cologne" - I just got the William Michael Morgan EP and this song made me say "Daaamn..." out loud when I heard it. I'm a big Ronnie Milsap fan, and this song is right in that wheelhouse. When I win the Lottery, I want to pay Mr. Milsap to cover this song, and pay Mr. Morgan to cover "(There's) No Gettin' Over Me".


5) Blaine Roy "Paper & Pen" - From the very first time we played this song on The Dawg, the phones started lighting up with folks asking who it was. The song is just a fantastic tune with a very classic vibe to it. It tells a great story, and that is what "Classic Country Saturday Night" is all about.


6) Ken Holloway "I'm Leaving" - Another fantastic local song for this list. Mr. Holloway recorded an instant classic with this one. One person on Youtube commented "Great song. Glad real country is alive and making a comeback. Keep up the great work Ken". This song could absolutely play on a Saturday night and fit in like it's been a part of the show for 15 years.


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