If you have flown the friendly skies in the last several years, you know what your reading material turns out to be if you forget to bring something to peruse -- the good ole SkyMall magazine!

There are some quite interesting products available for purchase from these trendsetters. You know, stuff like a Bigfoot garden sculpture or a box of laughter.

The good people who bring you this fine piece of literature may have just officially gone off their rocker as now you can purchase a watch called Tikker that counts down until your death.

When you get the watch, it uses "statistics and a personal health algorithm" to figure out your life expectancy. And then you get to sit back and enjoy the countdown to your ultimate demise.

The watch apparently also tells time, but not too well. Look at the picture below. It says the current time is "12:76". (Must be that new math.)

Tikker Watch from SkyMall

Tikker will set you back $79.99. Yeah, good luck with all that SkyMall.

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