Even if you hardly ever travel by airplane, it's a pretty good bet that you've been stuck in line at an airport. We all want to be safe, but sometimes those long, long lines can be annoying, and very time consuming. What used to be fun is now a gigantic pain in the you-know-what.

Mental Floss has some great tips below for travelers to get through any airport quickly, and they are worth a try, for sure. Safe travels, y'all!

  • Check your airport wait times. You can do this by downloading convenient apps that will keep you updated on delays. And most even have maps of the airport to help you navigate boarding areas.
  • Have travel documents ready. ID, boarding pass, passport - keep them close by to save time.
  • Get rid of your spare change. Going through security means emptying your pockets, and Americans left behind almost a million dollars in change last year. Save some time, and just leave it at home.
  • Streamline your luggage. Keep everything neat, and make sure you put liquids (4oz or less) in Ziploc bags. Also, keep electronics where they are easy to access and remove for TSA.
  • Use air travel friendly products. TSA approved items like locks and accessories can get you through security so much quicker.
  • Choose the right outfit to travel. You know you're going to have to take off your shoes and jacket at some point, so make sure they can be taken off quickly. Also, steel toed boots, and silver belt buckles are definitely going to slow down your security process.
  • Look for checkpoints that might be a little further out. Sometimes, if you just walk a bit further, you can find a shorter line.


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