These soldiers returning home stories always get me. To watch a dad reunite with his wife and kids after an extended period away is about the most touching thing you can put on video.

This story and video may be the best I've seen yet.

When Staff Sgt. Jeremy Cooney left for Afghanistan his 6-year-old son could not walk. However, while away, his son, who suffers from cerebral palsy, learned to do just that.

Cooney's wife Melissa Cooney posted the following video of the homecoming on, a website for videos of surprise military homecomings.

“When my husband left on his deployment, our 6-year-old son could not walk on his own,” Melissa Cooney wrote on the site.  “He has cerebral palsy. Doctors originally said that he would never walk or do much of anything. While daddy was away, he learned to walk. For his homecoming, we set it up for Michael to walk to his daddy for the first time ever! We kept the fact that he could walk a secret the whole time his dad was gone!”

Welcome home soldier, welcome home.