Is nothing sacred anymore? After an Oakdale man’s arrest over the weekend, I am not even sure. Police in Oakdale say Isaac Harris had the audacity to desecrate one of the most time-honored traditions in all of South Louisiana, the plate lunch.  Oh, and he scammed a lot of people out money too.

Police allege that Harris canvased the Oakdale and Oberlin area selling plate lunches for what he described as a fundraiser. Sometimes Harris told potential victims the money was for a sick family member or to help a family that had recently lost their home due to fire.

None of those stories were true. In fact Harris never even bothered to create the meals that he was allegedly selling. In a post on their Facebook page the Oakdale Police are looking for more of Mr. Harris’ victims.

So, if you were wronged by Mr. Harris and would like to issue a statement as to your involvement with him the Oakdale Police would look at that as an assist in their cause of getting Mr. Harris off the streets.


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