Hannah Mouton is a pretty good athlete. The Southside High junior is one of the top basketball players in the state of Louisiana.

However, it's on the football field where she has been making headlines and plays.

Now, you may have seen some female high school football players recently in the area. I know there was a kicker at Acadiana High School last year and others throughout the state.

Hannah Mouton - Wide Receiver - Southside Sharks

Submitted Photo (Rachel Mouton)
Submitted Photo (Rachel Mouton)

But, you see, Hannah is not a kicker -- she's a wide receiver! She started out kicking but quickly got bored with the position and urged her coaches to let her try another spot on offense.

The 16-year-old never played football before this season. She actually wanted to be a part of the team so she could spend some time on the sidelines with her older brother, Isaiah, who's a starting linebacker for the Sharks and a senior this year.

Hannah & Isaiah Mouton

Submitted Photo (Rachel Mouton)
Submitted Photo (Rachel Mouton)

Now that we've set everything up, let us show what really cool thing happened on the football field this past Tuesday night.

The Sharks junior varsity team played a game on the road against the Cecilia Bulldogs when Hannah made quite a spectacular play.

No offense to the young man who was defending Hannah, but he got "Mossed!" (Football fans know what that term means.)

In case you weren't following at home, that was a 60-yard touchdown reception by the lovely Ms. Hannah Mouton. Bam!

Back to our point earlier about young ladies playing high school football in Louisiana -- most of the time it's at a position like kicker or punter.

Hannah's mom, Rachel Mouton, tells us that her daughter may be making history, not just for her school, but in the entire state of Louisiana.

"I'm being told she's the first female in the state to play anything other than special teams (kicker/punter) in high school," Rachel told us. "But I'm not sure how to research that other than asking around."

If anyone does have knowledge of this feat, please contact us so we can pass it along to the Mouton family.

At any rate, amazing work, young lady. Keep on shining on the football field and in the classroom and we can't wait to see more of your highlight videos.

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