A bill that would legalize wagering on sporting events such as football and basketball games has inched one step closer to becoming law. The Louisiana House of Representatives Criminal Justice Committee has approved that legislation by a vote of 11 to 6.

The measure would allow for sports wagering at the state's riverboat casinos, racetracks, and the land-based casino in New Orleans. The measure has already been approved by the Louisiana Senate. The legislation is expected to be sent to the House Appropriations Committee to examine the fiscal impact of the measure on the state.

Opponents of the legislation cite the dangers of gambling and the effects that it can have on families. One legislator even voiced concerns that college athletes who need money could be tempted to throw games.

The biggest point that those who favor legalization of sports wagering make is this. It's already going on illegally so why not make it legal, regulate it, and let the state earn revenue from it.

Another point that supporters of the measure make is the fact that Mississipi Casinos have already established sports wagering as a part of their attraction to visitors. Some legislators feel that Louisiana gaming sites could be at a disadvantage if the state doesn't allow casinos and racetracks to compete on equal footing with those in neighboring states.

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