St. Martin Parish School officials have reported that an employee with the school system has been diagnosed with meningitis. The employee reportedly works at the Early Learning Center on South Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in St. Martinville.

While meningitis is a very serious disease school officials in St. Martin Parish say that students and other employees are not at risk. According to a spokesperson with the Louisiana Department of Health, it was determined that the employee had a non-contagious variation of the disease.

Despite being told it was unnecessary school officials did a major wash down of the Early Learning Center sanitizing the facility with a combination of Clorox and water. School system officials said the wash down was performed as a "just in case" measure.

Parents and students were notified of the employee's diagnosis via letter that was sent home earlier this week. Meanwhile, the St. Martin School System continues to follow the advice and suggestions made by Department of Health officials.

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