The planned start of school in most Acadiana parishes is now about six weeks away. With the current pandemic still creating a lot of uncertainty, many school systems are turning to parents to measure their feelings and comfort level about sending their children back to classrooms this fall.

Education officials in St. Martin Parish are looking for specific answers from parents of students who attend classes there. They have published an online survey and they are encouraging parents to let their feelings be known.

Should students be allowed to return to classes this fall there will be noticeable differences. There will be social spacing set up for each classroom and some of the classroom sizes will be reduced to accommodate that. Buses will likely run with reduced capacity as well.

Just how many students might show up in person for class versus students who prefer to learn remotely is one of the questions educators hope to gain a better understanding of through the online survey.

Using the information gleaned from the survey school officials will have a better understanding of how many buses they will need for the school year. They'll also have a better gauge classroom sizes too. So, taking a few minutes to fill out the survey is certainly an important task that parents will want to undertake in the next few days.

The survey also allows room for parental comments and questions. Now is the time to let your voice be heard.


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