A St. Martinville juvenile has been booked into the St. Martin Parish Jail following a shooting on Friday, December 27 that landed an adult victim at Lafayette General Medical Center with a gunshot wound.

St. Martinville Police say they received a call from the father of the victim after the shooting happened, advising officers that his son had been shot in the head. Authorities say the victim was shot after an argument between the suspect and the victim happened at the 300 block of LaSalle Street in St. Martinville. Officers say there were also three single gunshot holes on the tailgate of a truck that was involved in the incident, as well as a single gunshot hole on the back window which traveled through the truck and struck the front window.

The juvenile faces charges of Attempted Second Degree Murder, Aggravated Second Degree Battery, 3 Counts of Aggravated Assault with a Firearm, and Aggravated Criminal Damage to Property.