I have yet to see an episode of The Mandalorian. For the longest time, I thought when people spoke of a Mandalorian they were speaking of a stringed instrument made popular in the Bluegrass musical community. It turns out, the Mandalorian is not that. And besides being another smash hit for the Star Wars movie franchise and Disney, it apparently has inspired some folks to drink.

What you're seeing below is from Jennifer Anniston's Instagram as shared by The Vault. It's a cocktail that looks for all the world like "Baby Yoda". The drink is made with Grey Goose Vodka, muddled kiwi fruit, fresh lime, demerara syrup, and bitters. The top of the glass is outfitted with two black olives and two lime wedges and is served wrapped in brown burlap.

I am not exactly sure how you'd go about drinking this Baby Yoda cocktail. It seems almost un-Jedilike to bite his ears and eyes while drinking his/its bodily fluids. Why, yes, I do have a drinking problem. Most of the problem stems from thoughts like what you've just read while I'm drinking.

Oh, in case you're wondering there are other Star Wars inspired cocktails too. Just none of them happen to look so darn cute before they get slammed down by a thirsty patron just before its there to turn to go sing that song from Titanic during Kareoke time.

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