An impending threat from a tropical weather system could have an effect on proceedings in the sentencing phase of the Kevin Daigle trial. Daigle was convicted earlier this week in the shooting death of Louisiana State Trooper Steven Vincent back in 2015.

In the sentencing phase of the trial, prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. Attorneys for the defense are arguing for a sentence of life in prison. The sentencing phase of Daigle's trial got underway yesterday but could be delayed because of the threat of tropical weather. 

Jurors in the trial have been sequestered and are currently being housed in local hotels so the trial can't be simply postponed and restarted. Also, two expert witnesses for the defense say they will not be able to make it to Lafayette for testimony until Saturday. That is when the worst of the weather is anticipated in the area.

Calcasieu District Attorney John DeRosier has suggested that stopping the trial or curtailing the time the defense gets to spend in front of the jury could jeopardize any sentence handed down during an appeal. So every effort is being made to allow all sides to make their case before the jury.

Court officials are working with Lafayette Police and Sheriff's officials to ensure that jurors and witnesses will be provided transportation to and from the courthouse in the event of severe weather or flooding. There is also a chance that the worst of the tropical weather could pass to the east of Lafayette.

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