Many residents of South Louisiana slogged through high water in parking lots and roadways yesterday as the seemingly unrelenting rainfall showed no signs of stopping. Fortunately for all of us it did. But not until many parts of Acadiana received rainfall totals of five, six, ten, or even fifteen inches or more of precipitation.

The good news is the radar scans out of Lake Charles this morning do not show the bubbling up of major rain-producing storms as they did yesterday morning. For the most part, the echoes on the Doppler radars are quiet from the Atchafalaya Basin back to the west toward the Texas state line. But don't let this lull in the weather action allow you to slip into a false sense of security. There is more rain, some of it heavy, on the way over the next few days.

The graphic above is from the National Weather Service in Lake Charles. As you can see the Lake Charles forecast office is predicting most of South Louisiana will see at least three inches of more rain between now and Thursday night. While many areas of Acadiana will realize rainfall totals in excess of four or even five inches.

As you might imagine flood watches and flood warnings are in effect for many locales in the state. In fact, a flood watch will remain in effect through at least Thursday and most likely extended into Friday or the weekend for almost all of Louisiana's southern half.

KATC Meteorologist Bradley Benoit has shared some of the model projections for the next 24 to 48 hours and what those models' paint could only be described as watercolors. While we might be getting a bit of break in the overnight and early morning hours today. The model guidance suggests that we'll see more strong storms by later this morning and into the afternoon.

The Storm Prediction Center has placed a portion of western Louisiana in the marginal risk zone for severe storms but you can't rule out a strong storm or even a possible tornado in the areas that aren't included in the advisory from the SPC.

The National Weather Service forecast for Acadiana keeps a rain chance of 80% to 90% in our plans for today, tomorrow, and Thursday. There's actually still a pretty decent chance of rain in the forecast for Friday too. However, it does look as if the precipitation will come to an end and we will evolve into a calmer summertime pattern by this weekend and early next week.

Maybe with all this extra moisture, we've finally found a good use for all of those silica gel packs that come with almost everything we buy these days. Okay, if we can't use them to soak up the water in the coulee, then maybe these ideas will work.

Great Uses for Silica Gel Packs




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