You might not have a lot planned for this weekend but Mother Nature will sure be busy between now and early Monday morning. Over the course of the next several days, South Louisiana will see a rather wild swing in weather and temperatures and then cap the weekend off with a celestial show in the nighttime sky.

Let's take it in chronological order.

The first thing we are likely to see is the threat of strong to severe thunderstorms during the day on Saturday. The Storm Prediction Center has most of Louisiana listed under a marginal threat for severe storms. Although the potential for some heavy downpours, strong gusty winds, and frequent lighting is certainly more than marginal.

By Sunday after all the storms end you will notice the temperature will be almost 20 degrees cooler than it was on Saturday. This will lead for possible freeze watches and warnings for much of the area. The main threat will be to vegetation as forecaster anticipate temperatures well below freezing by early Monday morning.

Later in the day Sunday, actually Sunday evening about 9:30 residents of South Louisiana should be able to cast their eyes skyward and observe a total Lunar Eclipse. The first stages of the eclipse will begin about 9:30 local time and the Moon should be engulfed in the Earth's shadow by midnight.

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