The struggle is real, y'all. We love living in Louisiana, but sometimes there are people, places, and things that only someone from the Bayou State can relate to. My top ten list is below, and feel free to add your own suggestions in.

  • The humidity - this can make or break your plans for the day. Ask anyone who's ever gone to a formal event in the summer
  • Potholes - why these are on every street in every town across the state is beyond me. And it's even worse if it's rained and you can't see how deep the hole is. The tire alignment shops must be making a fortune
  • Where to go out to eat - when you have as many delicious local choices as we do, sometimes it's hard to find a favorite. And just to be clear, we have better food in the gas stations in Louisiana than most states have in their finest restaurants.
  • So many festivals, so little time - when you have more than one festival going on at the same time, it can be difficult to choose. (Hello, Jazz Fest and Festival International de Louisiane)
  • Getting caught in parade traffic - no matter where you live, this can be an annoying situation that is difficult to extract yourself from.
  • Getting caught in traffic during an LSU Tigers home football game - as if Baton Rouge traffic wasn't a nightmare already, try getting around during a home game
  • What to do with all those Mardi Gras beads you caught - this can be a serious situation during Carnival season, and can get out of hand really quickly
  • What to do with the roux that you just burned - everyone knows you can't use it, but throwing it out literally makes me ill at the waste
  • How to explain the plastic baby in the King Cake - people who aren't from here will never understand!
  • Having to turn on the air conditioner and the heater in the same day - well, it IS Louisiana, after all

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