In the wake of the horrific news out of Parkland Florida why anyone would even think about bringing anything to school that could be misconstrued as a weapon is beyond me. This great lapse in judgment actually occurred in DeLand Florida, a small community just to the west of Daytona Beach.

A 15-year old student actually brought the cell phone case you see pictured above to school. He reportedly told police he ordered the case online and brought it school because he thought it was part of a fashion trend.

This fashion trend sent the school into lockdown for nearly an hour on Tuesday. I can only imagine the angst that students, faculty, and parents were feeling not knowing the exact reason for the lockdown at the time.

The student and the phone case were located during the lockdown and the 15-year old was charged with disruption of an educational institute. According to a story in the Orlando Sentinel, the young man was released into the custody of his parents.

If I ran the world this young man would not only face the wrath of the legal system he would also have to do a little after class assignment. I would have him write a letter to each student in that school and their parents explaining to them just how stupid his behavior was. He would also have to apologize for the fear and angst that his fashion statement put all of them through.

I would also take action against the phone case manufacturer. Who needs a phone case that looks like a gun? I don't care that it's pink. It looks like a weapon and that is not a good look for something that you might put next to your head.

This week at least five Louisiana schools or school systems have had to deal with "fabricated threats" about violence. We as a society need to treat these fabrications, jokes, pretend gun phone case fashion trends, as the real thing with real consequences. Then we will be able to educate the ignorant of the reality that the threat of violence brings to our schools our children and our communities.

America is facing a stupidity problem and we don't need that adding on to or escalating the other issues our country is currently having to deal with.

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